The one who sleeps around here.

I know, I'm only jealous, but how is it our dogs sleep like 19 hours a day and they don't even DO anything? They're not the ones up to their eyeballs in snot and art projects and picking up kids from school and trying to help two-year olds get to sleep with a binky AND a stuffy nose, making dinner and doing laundry and watching just the TINIEST amount of Top Chef: heavens, what have they been doing all day anyway, except making me clean up their poop and let them in and out of the door four hundred times?

OK, so as you can see, I'm cranky. It might have the slightest bit to do with 1400 calories a day, which I've decided is less than goldfish need to survive. Also, I'm home full-time with children and working in the cracks and it is hard work, this not working business. Or always working. I'm not sure which. Anyway, like I said, CRANKSVILLE over here.

My shining light is that it was a gorgeous, unseasonably warm day today with more forecasted to follow. Also, that Reese told me I'm the peanut butter AND the jelly in her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So there is hope.


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