"Why is the grass wiggling, Daddy?"

That was actually Reese's question today as we were driving in the windy weather and she was gazing out the window.

"It's just blowing in the wind, baby," I answered, even though it wasn't me she asked.

A few minutes later, while watching her first play, a children's theater performance, she leans over and breathes hot into my ear:

"How can they NOT be real people, they're SO funny!"

This, the wonder of childhood, has to be one of the greatest gifts of parenthood: like a secondhand smoker, I get to inhale the shiny new discovery of my children's experiences. And since it usually happens in the midst of chaos, it's tough to stop and hold onto the feeling right when it's happening - the contact high of wonder, if you will.

But right now, I'm feeling it, I'm feeling it big.


Reese is so amazing. I love how she sees the world! You're family is so beautiful from the inside all the way out!

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