From the mouths of babes.

At pre-school, Reese is learning about Dr. King and is completely taken with him. I'm not quite sure how they explained the MLK legacy to five-year olds, but Reese now speaks of him in hushed tones, usually the ones she reserves for Santa, Dora and The Wiggles.

Apparently, MLK has trumped them all.

She knows that today is his birthday and that tomorrow Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States. She knows that Martin Luther King had a dream. Reese explains his dream this way:

"His dream was that his kids would grow up, his four kids, and no matter what color their skin was, they would be able to be in the same world - he changed that no matter if you're pink or yellow or brown, he changed with his heart, that everyone can go to the same places."

Yes, Reese, he changed hearts. He made change with his heart. All of it: yes, that's right.

And when they were done studying MLK in class, every child got to pick out a typed quote from Dr. King and glue it onto one of an assortment of different colored hands. Reese's chosen hand was green and it's hanging in the classroom line amongst all the other hands and it reads:

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle."

I can only think that change is coming. That change has arrived. That five-year olds understand the idea of racial equality like they understand that blue and yellow make green. That 25-year olds and 95-year olds and everybody in between voted with their heart this election and that can only mean one thing: the struggle continues, but change is definitely rolling in.


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