Definitely my daughter.

We're in Costco, my four-year old and I. We're shopping for dinner for friends and have selected Costco's ridiculously chocolatey-chippery cookies o' love for our dessert item. As we make our way through the store, Reese keeps referring to the cookies, as though maybe I might forget about them.

"Yeah naptime, that'll be before the COOKIES, right Mom?"

"Oh, that toothbrush? I guess I'll use that after the COOKIES."

"Chicken Salad? Sure, that'll sure go good with the COOKIES."

OK, I get it.

"Reese," I say absently, checking out the 200-pack of toilet paper, "do you think about anything but cookies?"

"Yes," she says, contemplating. "I think about brownies!"

A smile spreads across her face like a firework and there's nothing I can say back to her that would be remotely as funny or sincere or could sum up the feeling of the moment you realize your kid is actually someone you'd want to be friends with.

Make that, someone that you are friends with.


Jake said…
a girl after my own heart!! i love you reese - and thanks again for the perfect visit and the perfect dinner and cookies from costco!

love the stewarts!

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