25 Random Things About Reese and Finn.

I am loving reading everyone's "25 Random Things About Me" on Facebook. It is such a neat snapshot into the lives of good friends near and far. It inspired me to do a list for Reese and Finn, my five-year old and two-year old, if they were to do a random list about themselves at this moment in time, February 1st, 2009 at 7:05 AM. I think it would go a little like this:

25 Things about Reese and Finn, by Reese and Finn

1. Mom made us do this list.
2. Finn is way too bossy.
3. Reese is way too bossy.
4. We want breakfast.
5. We want to play Legos.
6. Scratch that, Finn wants to play Legos.
7. Now Finn wants Reese to play Legos.
8. Reese doesn't want to play Legos, she wants Finn to play dance party.
9. We love dance party. Finn loves to wear Reese's red sparkly shoes and her orange headband with yellow stripes.
10. Finn loves yellow.
11. Reese loves pink.
12. Reese loves chocolate.
13 Finn loves chocolate.
14. Who doesn't love chocolate?
15. Reese says she loves tap dancing the best and that the reason she came real quick out of mom's belly was because she wanted to get to tapping.
16 Finn says um, um, tap, yeah. Tap. Love. Tap. Dance. Party.
17 Finn loves playdough. All the colors together.
18 Reese reports that watching too many videos is "wearing her out" - enough Jack's Big Music Show.
19 Reese says that we really love playdough and that her favorite things about playdough are her favorite things about playdough. They love to make "spaghetti." See #17.
20. Reese loves her blanket and her Bubba and her Ojo and her Homa the "special-ist".
21. Reese says Finn loves his blanket the best. And the dog that he sleeps on every night. That dog is not a real dog.
22. Finn really likes Reese.
23. Reese is fair. And wants to be like Martin Luther King Junior. Peaceful.
24. Reese likes Finn. He's the specialist boy in the whole entire world. Because he's her brother.
25. Reese and Finn are brother and sister because we're in the same family and we share things and we don't whine about it because we know not to.

#26 Reese says she wants me to type my name too, so here goes: G, E, R, I.


Jen said…
Super sweet :)
Genny said…
Just had to stop by and say I LOVED your article in Kidaround (Mom in the Mirror). Such a wonderful perspective. I'm also a local writer and I think your book looks great.

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