Oh, to be four-and-a-half.

My sweet girl, she is all aglow right now.

She, my dear readers, is reading.

That's right, reading, as in:

"LLLLLLeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmooooooooooonade. Leeeeeemoooooonaaaaaaaaaade. Lemonade!!"

I can't tell you the look on her face as she realizes she is now capable of reading words, sounding them out, making sense out of letters. She's unlocked the box and she's not going back. Everything is about letters and words, how many and who has what.

Somehow she and my husband, both of them number freaks, something I truly can't relate to, came up with this game where everybody in our family is on a team based on the number of letters in their name.

Finn and I, Geri, are on Team 4. As in four letters.

Reese and Chris are on Team 5.

So that means everything in Reese's world is now catergorized by Team Number. She couldn't believe "milk" was on Finn and my team. She LOVES milk, as does Finn, and she thought is was plain unfair that we got it on our team, four letters or not. She started calling it "milk-e" so it could be on her and Chris' team.

But, since we have only fours and fives in our family, we have to borrow other people to catagorize items that have more or less that four or five letters. For instance, three letter words are on Zoe's team, a friend at school. So we'll be passing by a bus or something that's the color red and she'll shout out from the back seat:

"There goes one for Zoe's team!"

Or, when she figured out that "spaghetti" had nine letters, something I had to count on my hands to confirm, anything in the world with nine letters was now on spaghetti's team.

At the moment, I can only think of "cocktails" and "chocoloate" as Team 9 members.

Oooh, now I so want to be on Team 9.

Anyway, it turns out this whole learning thing is actually more amazing than I realized. As she's sounding out the words or working the figures, I feel like I can actually see the synapses firing off in her brain and boomeranging back and forth between her eyebrows, scrunched and concentrating. When she stumbles upon the word or the answer, it's Christmas and the Fourth of July all in one, there's so much hooting and hollering going on.

Finn, her 20-month old brother is hot on her tail now. He's getting on this learning thing early. He walks around shouting "Blue" and "P" to everything. Regardless if they're either, of course. The other day, the nanny swears he spelled "IT" out of refrigerator magnets and then said the word.

You know what, I believe her.


Stephan Kroll said…
Even though she is not Reese's neighbor anymore (and she is very sad about that), may I add Anna Maria to Team 9?

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