Lived to tell the tale.

Let's just say we've been sick lately at the Murray residence.

REALLY sick.

The kind of sick that when you first have kids, you think to yourself: "Well I hope we're never ALL sick at once, especially my husband and I, down for the count at the same time, that would be crazy, insane, I mean who would take care of the kids?"

That kind of sick.

To save you the visual, suffice it to say that my husband Chris and I BOTH ended up in the emergency room last week from THE WORST STOMACH FLU ever. At the peak of the nightmare, prior to the hospital visit, as I was in one restroom, Chris in the other, children running freely between Blue's Clues and Baby Einstein, I distinctly recall thinking we would not survive this. That they would find Chris and I in our respective locations, the children subsisting on Cheerios and water straight from the tap, no Sippy cup.

But thanks to Grandma, good friends and six bags of IV fluids and drugs, that particular crisis was averted. Thank goodness.

It feels amazing to feel healthy, though a tad shaken at how easily the wheels can come off the family wagon. I am reminded how much we need each other in this world - friends, neighbors and family. No matter how strong our little immediate family bonds may be, the community, the larger family outside our front doors can be the safety net when Mom and Dad become all too human and need the help of those outside our four walls to get us through.

Our little pod of four, our sweet collection of love and fun and laughter, was blowing in the wind there for a moment. Feeling quite vulnerable. And in came the calvary of kindness and gingerale and childcare.

Thanks a million.


Jennifer said…
...and we would do it again in a heartbeat! You are so welcome.

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